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2811 Klempner Way
Louisville, KY 40205

Main office number: (502) 896-6355

Insurance/Billing: (502) 897-3366

Cosmetic Skin Care Center: (502) 657-7546 (657-SKIN)

The Cosmetic Skin Care Center may also be contacted via our encrypted online form.

FAX number: (502) 896-6357.

You may save time at your next appointment by preregistering online.

Medication refills for established patients are available online through our secure refill request form.

If you are an established patient with a question for your physician during regular office hours, you may submit your question using our secure online patient question form.

If you have a question for our business and billing department, you may contact them securely.

If you are an established patient and need to make a routine follow-up appointment, you may now do so using our secure appointment request form.

If you are an established patient with an urgent medical question after office hours, contact the on-call physician.

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Dermatology Associates, PSC; 2811 Klempner Way, Louisville, KY 40205
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